Low Level flying

Photo Rob Birmingham 


The location guide has been produced to steer you to some of the best locations around the UK for photographing low flying aircraft. Where possible we have ensure that the locations are on accessible land, however it is thoroughly recommended that you first check the rights of access to any location before venturing out. It is also recommended that if asked to leave a location you do so without question.
The UKLFS map crown copyright. The location guide is intended to guide you to locations where you'll get the most out of your time in terms of movements and photo opportunities. Whilst no location is guaranteed to produce aircraft  the ones listed offer some of the best chances of seeing fast jets below your feet.

At present we have produced extensive guides for Scotland, England and Wales and a short guide to Salisbury plain. The location guide will eventually cover the whole of the UK. Following shortly will be LFA 11/ 12/ 8 (North East, Yorkshire to Nottinghamshire) and LFA 2/ 3 / 4 (Cornwall to Birmingham).


Please click on the map left to view the guide for each area.


If you have any further information or corrections to these guides, please contact us here we are always looking for new locations and images to use within the guide.


Locations guides produced by: Brian Hodgson, Scott Rathbone, Ron Richardson, Chris Chambers, Kevin Clarke, Gareth Jones, Karl Drage and Neil Fraser 


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Warplane.co.uk does not accept any liability for the accuracy of the information contained within this site. Information is provided for reference only and you should ensure you have permission to enter any private land and are suitably prepared for the location you are visiting, including clothing and emergency provisions.